Enjoy simplicity.

Quick and convenient cartridge change

Immediate availability with pre-filled insulin cartridge

The mylife YpsoPump system is compatible with a pre-filled insulin cartridge. The pre-filled cartridge makes changing cartridges incredibly simple in only three easy steps.

Step 1

  • Rotate adaptor counterclockwise by 90°
  • Remove cartridge
  • Return the threaded rod and perform the self-test

Step 2

  • Insert a full cartridge into the cartridge compartment
  • Place adaptor upright on the cartridge, rotate clockwise by 90° and close cartridge compartment

Step 3

  • Fill the infusion set
  • Engage the infusion set by snapping the tubing cap to the cannula base of the infusion set

Flexibility with your insulin of choice – Self-filled mylife YpsoPump Reservoir

The mylife YpsoPump Reservoir has been developed for insulin delivery with your mylife YpsoPump system. Using the mylife YpsoPump Reservoir, you can easily fill an empty reservoir with a rapid-acting insulin of your choice at a concentration of 100 U/ml.

Cartridge features at a glance – Convenience or freedom of choice

With your mylife YpsoPump, you are not required to change your infusion set everytime you change your insulin cartridge – this ensures you easy, fast and discreet cartridge changes.

Pre-filled insulin cartridge

  • Easy to change
  • Less handling steps

Empty reservoir for self-filling

  • Self-filled with your insulin of choice
  • Easy-to-handle filling system
  • Easy-to-read filling level

Specifications for pre-filled insulin cartridge

Size of cartridge
1.6 ml
Package quantity
5 cartridges
Usage For single use
Material Glass cylinder

Specifications for mylife YpsoPump Reservoir

Suitable for
100 U/ml,
rapid-acting insulin
analogue or regular human insulin
Size of reservoir
1.6 ml/160U
Package quantity
10 reservoirs
Usage For single use
Material Glass cylinder