mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolour

Sterile disposable lancets to enable effective and comfortable capillary blood sampling

The mylife Lancets and mylife Lancets multicolor are designed to make blood sampling easier and more comfortable. An electro-polished tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a smooth and sharp finish to obtain optimum blood samples with maximum comfort.

  • Virtually pain free: The tri-beveled needle tip guarantees a gentle collection of the blood sample
  • Exposed Needle Length: Needle is perfectly positioned to ensure consistent needle concentricity and an exposed needle length
  • Optimized safety: No LDPE (low density polyethylene) material remains on needle tip after removing lancing cap
  • High quality lancets for everyday use
  • Optimum blood flow
  • Makes blood sampling easier and more comfortable
  • Needle diameter 30G
  • Designed for use with mylife AutoLance, mylife Softlance and most other sampling devices
  • mylife Lancets multicolour: same function as mylife Lancets standard, but available in seven different colours
mylife Lancets multicolor