mylife SiDiary PC version

Therapy Management Software for Windows PC

Using the PC version of mylife SiDiary, you can transfer the data from your mylife devices to your PC

Full data

It takes just a few steps to import the data from your mylife diabetes care device and add manual entries, if necessary, making all your data available in one place.

Daily view

The diary allows you to view your blood glucose values, insulin doses, carbohydrates and further values in an individual time window. A notes window displays pump events and provides room for individual information.

Graphs and statistics

A picture is worth a thousand words: a quick glance at the pie chart will reveal how often you're "in the clear". The progress graph indicates the direction of your blood glucose levels. Blood pressure and body weight have also been considered.

Trend analysis

How have your blood glucose values been behaving in the last few days/weeks/months? When did you gain top marks, and where can improvements still be made? The trend analysis gives you a clue: arrows indicate certain trends and emoticons indicate the present status.


A number of reports can be generated. Select the appropriate report as well as desired timeframe, and generate a PDF or printout. You can refer to this report at your next appointment with your diabetes team.

Dietary database

The software provides you with an extensive dietary database which can be modified and expanded to suit your needs.

Data synchronisation

To take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine, synchronise the data from your PC version with the data in your mylife SiDiary Online version. The settings can be found in the menu under "Options", "SmartSync settings".

System compatibility

The PC version of mylife SiDiary requires Microsoft Windows version XP or higher, so it also works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Online training

Would you like personal online training? The software manufacturer, SINOVO, can provide you with such training. Click on this link to register for training.