mylife SiDiary App

Therapy Management Software on your smartphone

The mylife SiDiary App means you always have your therapy data to hand

No more paper chasing

Using the mylife SiDiary App, you can add manual entries to your diary whenever necessary. By synchronising your mylife SiDiary App with mylife SiDiary Online, all the data in your mylife SiDiary App can be merged with the data in your mylife SiDiary Online.

Diary and analyses

The daily data is displayed in a straightforward diary format. In addition, the App also enables the generation of comprehensive statistic graphs (pie chart, progress curve, standard day and detailed statistics) and trend analyses.


You can decide when and whether to synchronise the data with your mylife SiDiary Online, allowing you full control over your data and the online costs of data transfer.

System compatibility

The iOS version requires an iPhone, iPodTouch or iPad with iOS version 4.3 or higher.

Android devices (smartphones and tablets) require Android 2.1 as a minimum.