Sterile disposable
safety lancets.

mylife SafetyLancets

Enjoy prevention

The innovative patented design makes capillary blood sampling safe and easy.

The single release function and a sealed protection cap offer security and protect patients as well as health care professionals from cross-contamination or injury. mylife SafetyLancets are available in two different versions: mylife SafetyLancets (28 G / 1.5 mm) and mylife SafetyLancets Comfort (30 G / 1.2 mm).

Designed for blood glucose monitoring and other diagnostic tests in:

  • Diabetic Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Private homecare

Safety features

  • The safety seal visually indicates whether the mylife SafetyLancet has been used before or not
  • The protective cap maintains sterility and prevents contamination prior to use
  • Inoperable after use thanks to single release function

Comfort features

  • Superior needle quality (tri-beveled needle tip) supports an optimum blood flow with maximum comfort
  • No pre-loading or assembly prior use required