Easy to use with side loaded test strip
and large display.


mylife Pura X blood glucose meter

mylife Pura & mylife Pura X blood glucose meter
  • Basic functions for easy and intuitive operation
  • Very simple navigation with large buttons
  • Measurement results are easy to read due to large number
  • Readable day and night due to an illuminated display
  • No start-up procedure needed, the device activates automatically when strip is inserted
  • The device automatically identifies the strip code (Autocoding)
  • An audio signal confirms when the strip is inserted correctly
  • Fast and accurate¹ results
  • Data can be transferred to mylife Software, Diabass, SiDiary and diasend (special cable required)

In a survey2, conducted with more than 3 200 patients, 100 % of those polled rated the usability of the mylife Pura as “very good” and “good”. A top rating achieves the display size as well as the readability: 100 % of the polled patients evaluated both criteria as “very good” and “good”. The confidence of the reliability, which has been rated by the professionals as “very important” (91 %), reaches 100 % by the patients (64 % “very good”, 36 % “good”).

mylife Softlance lancing device

mylife Softlance lancing
  • Vibration-free lancing due to precise guide bars which provide linear guidance of the lancet
  • Intelligent pull-mechanism to eject lancet without touching it
  • 7 variable puncture depths
  • Security-unlock function to prevent device firing when changing the lancet
  • AST cap available for alternative test sites

mylife Pura test strip

  • Hygienic change of test strips without blood contact
  • Large and solid test strip for easy grip
  • Due to its stiffness, the strip can be inserted easily (no bending)
  • Autocoding
  • The test strip visually indicates and an audio signal confirms when enough blood has been applied

1 Bionime Corporation: Test Report for the System Accuracy Evaluation of Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System GM550 (mylife Pura X), Min-Sheng General Hospital,Taiwan, 05.2015.
2 Ypsomed GmbH: User survey mylife Pura, 06.2015. Data on file.