Easy to use with side loaded test strip
and large display.

mylife Pura X

Data management

The mylife Pura X blood glucose meter is compatible with different software products. A corresponding cable is required to download the data from mylife Pura X.

Following diabetes managment software products are compatible with mylife Pura X:

mylife Software is a therapy management solution designed to adapt to an on-the-go lifestyle. It has an intuitive and user-friendly design for ease of use, trend reports and meaningful statistics for a better overview and is compatible with all the mylife Diabetescare devices, such as mylife Unio, mylife Pura and mylife Pura X blood glucose meters, mylife OmniPod, mylife YpsoPump,  and a range of other devices for more flexibility. mylife Software allows a versatile data transfer for improved analysis. Download the mylife Software at www.mylife-diabetescare.co.uk/software

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