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mylife Penfine Classic

Fits all major brands of injection pens

The mylife Penfine Classic pen needles are fully functional and safe when used with the injection pens listed below.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


AstraZeneca Ltd.


Berlin Chemie AG

BerliPen® 301 + 302, BerliPen® areo + areo 2, BerliPen® Junior, BerliPen® PRECISION

Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Gansulin Pen

Eli Lilly and Company

KwikPen™, HumaPen® Luxura + Luxura HD

Genentech, Inc.

Nutropin AQ Pen®

Novo Nordisk A/S

NovoPen® 4 + 5 , NovoPen® Junior, NovoPen Echo®, FlexPen®, Victoza®, NordiPen® Xx

Owen Mumford, Inc.

Autopen®, Autopen® 24




SoloSTAR®, ClikSTAR®, TactiPen®

Ypsomed AG


Some injection pens may not be available in all countries. If any doubt please contact the injection pen manufacturer. All brands are trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Follow the instructions for use of your injection pen before using a mylife Penfine Classic pen needle.

Types and product range

The mylife Penfine Classic pen needle is available in three different sizes:

mylife Penfine Classic