mylife OmniPod

Diabetes therapy management

Download software: Easy data management

With the mylife Software you can manage your therapy data electronically.

The mylife Software not only logs all your therapy data but also gives you a clear picture of your data, your trends and ultimately your therapy-success. You can also share all your therapy data with your physician to simplify communication. 

The PDM is equipped with a mini USB port to transfer all data to your mylife Software1.

Compatibility to other software products

You can import the data from mylife OmniPod to the following data management programs:

  • SiDiary
  • Diasend

For further information about the three above mentioned independent data management programs, please contact the respective manufacturer.

Patients who are using a Mac computer manufactured before mid-2012 utilizing Apple’s El Capitan Software (OSX version 10.11.1 and later) should use a USB Hub plugged into the Mac and plug the OmniPod PDM to the USB Hub before downloading data. Alternatively, patients can also use a different PC device to download their data or a Mac computer that does not meet the description above.

OmniPod is a registered trademark of Insulet Corporation.