The needle that only pricks 
when it’s supposed to.

mylife Clickfine AutoProtect

Needle lengths

Types and product range

The mylife Clickfine AutoProtect pen needle is available in two different lengths: 5 mm and 8 mm. The 5mm needle may be used without a skin fold technique minimising the risk of an accidential needle stick to caregivers during injection3.

Pen needle

Cannula diameter

Cannula length

mylife Clickfine Autoprotect 5 31G / 0.25 mm 5 mm
mylife Clickfine Autoprotect 8 29G / 0.33 mm 8 mm

3 K. Strauss and WISE Consensus Group: WISE recommendations to ensure the safety of injections in diabetes. Diabetes & Metabolism. 2012, 38, S2–S8, Supplement 1.