mylife OmniPod

The first insulin patch pump

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The first tubing-free insulin patch pump

The mylife OmniPod Insulin Management System is a totally new kind of insulin pump therapy. The Pod is directly attached onto the skin and there is no tubing between the Pod and the PDM, which provides more freedom to pump users in daily life.

Small, lightweight and waterproof Pod

Weighing just 25 grams and only 1.45 cm high, the Pod is lightweight and discreet - you will hardly feel that you are wearing an insulin pump. The Pod is waterproof (IPX8: 7.6 m up to 60 minutes), so you don't have to think about disconnecting and reconnecting your pump when showering or swimming.

Intuitive and easy to use

Two parts are all you need for insulin pump therapy: The Pod and the PDM. The innovative design of the Pod keeps the start-up steps to a minimum. The PDM guides you with easy-to-follow instructions and gives you background information to support you with your therapy.

Automated and virtually pain-free cannula insertion

The PDM guides you step by step through the change of a Pod. When you apply the Pod to your body, the automated cannula insertion is activated by a pushing a button on the PDM. The insertion is lightning fast and makes sure that the cannula is inserted at a consistent angle and depth.

Integrated blood glucose meter

The blood glucose meter is integrated into the PDM to reduce the number of devices you have to carry around. A bolus suggestion can be calculated based on your current BG values.

OmniPod is a registered trademark of Insulet Corporation.