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mylife OmniPod – just 2 elements

mylife OmniPod

Measure the blood glucose level, record the carbohydrates consumed, calculate and deliver a bolus - for all that you only need the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). And the small compact Pod hides a reservoir, a cannula, an inserter and plenty more besides.

mylife DailyDose – the world's smallest insulin syringe

The smallest insulin syringe in the world for people, who maintain an active life and want to be ready-to-roll at all times. Fresh insulin for one day - packaged in a discrete and stable holder - can prove to be a real relief.

You can order free samples here.

Living with diabetes!

Traveling, playing sport, eating out, moving freely - just doing what you want to. Doing what's natural, whilst feeling safe and secure. What's considered normal for most people is also possible for people with diabetes, thanks to mylife.

What is mylife?

mylife is a range of products and services for people with diabetes. It provides everything you need for simple and reliable self-medication.

Who is behind mylife?

The company behind mylife Diabetescare is Ypsomed, a Swiss-based global leader in the field of medical technology, a company that is sensitive to the physical and emotional challenges that people with diabetes face in their everyday life.


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